Opening Hours: Sat-Thu: 8:00 AM To 6PM
Address: P.O Box: 65076, Sharjah - UAE

Our Services

We offer services for various verticals such as Construction, Engineering, Safety, Plumbing, Landscaping, Roofing, Entertainment & Oil and gas.

Continual service improvement:

Al Anbar success has grown through years of commitment to high standards of quality, and strength through continuous improvement and training. We are authorized to provide service by the top tool manufacturers whose brand names carry the reputation of endurance and high standards. We strive for the best quality, as well as best work ethics and customer service. Our employees are friendly, knowledgeable and provide courteous support. We provide information on tooling required to get the job done quickly; with the least amount of wear and tear or damage to tools and equipment.

The primary purpose of Continual Service Improvement (CSI) is to continually align and re-align services to the changing business needs by identifying and implementing improvements to services that support business processes. CSI works to improve process effectiveness, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


We are maintaining a standard Turn around time for all the service tools.

Pickup & Delivery:

We have dedicated vehicles and drivers for tool pickup and delivery in a timely manner

Onsite support:

At On-Site Support, we respond as early as possible to correctly identify your equipment problems. We will recommend the best solution to your problem and will provide high-quality service in a cost-efficient and timely manner.